Feb. 24th, 2009

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Here are the things I heard that really stood out from Obama's speech:

He said the 'A' word. Yup, Accountability. I really want to see that happen. And he put that right up front. Bravo.

Then there was the triumvirate of energy, health-care and education. And when Obama talks about energy, he means sustainable, renewal energy. And when he talks about health-care, he addresses the ridiculous rises in costs and the poor quality and access in the US. He really wants everyone in the US to have health-care. And education he really understands, unlike our last president, who didn't (couldn't?) read. He really pushes higher education, and I like that. Imagine college for *all* Americans. This means our kids.

Best line tho'. 'The responsibility not to pass on a debt to them [our children] that they cannot repay.' Got the whole house standing with that one.

Amusingly, he mentioned auditing the budget and that they had found $2T in saving over the next 10 years. I quipped "Halliburton" and then right after that he mentioned 'no-bid contracts' and we all broke out laughing. The more I listen to Obama on economic issues, the more I realize the guy is really a genius. He is not going to hide the cost of the wars under some separate budget item, so we might really get some idea of what the economy really looks like.

Obama has such a clear facing on our foreign policy, he makes it seem obvious. Though I did notice that the McCain voters reactions went down quite a bit when he started talking about closing Guantanamo and leading by example in world politics.

Another line that really struck a chord was the quote from a young girl who wrote a letter to the president. "We are not quitters."

Two things I noticed from the panning cameras. The cameras seems to show the Republicans with frowns or their eyes bugged out every time and Nancy Pelosi looks like a marionette puppet being jerked up and dropped by someone who doesn't know the play it is in.


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