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I was notified that my job at PlayFirst will be ending in a month. The severance package they are offering seems decent, though I need to look at it in more depth when I feel up to it. I have been there for two and a half years, and I have really enjoyed it until recently. The last several months things have gotten harder and harder as friends have been bullied out, laid off for 'performance' reasons that were bogus, and the priorities have been shifting. The whole company has taken on a pall, and it affected me too. I don't think I realized how much until today.

I left early today, had a drink with a few of the others who were also being given the boot, and headed home. I talked stuff over with the family, and started revising my resume. I have already put out about a half dozen resumes to promising looking companies with openings.

I think I will be glad to move on at this point. A new challenge, new scenery, and a break from the problems at PlayFirst. I didn't create and couldn't fix the real problems there and that I had no voice in their 'solution'.

If you are interested in seeing my resume, or know of available jobs, you can see it here or forward contact me at I am looking for an IT Manager or Senior Systems Administrator position here in the Bay Area.
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