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It looks like Google is selling out. They are in talks with Verizon to work a deal that will help to undermine net neutrality. More info here:

My big concern with ISPs selling at different prices is that it will lead to an Enron situation with bandwidth. I was talking with a network engineer recently who worked at a bandwidth provider when Enron was in the energy brokering business, if you can call their shell game brokering. They were trying to get into the bandwidth brokering business as well at that time and I am sure they would have tried the same thing with bandwidth they did with energy. I don't see how it will NOT lead to that until it is properly regulated. And the simplest regulation is net neutrality. It is best for everyone, and has helped to fuel the internet revolution. To change that will be to undermine the what is best about the internet, that we can connect to data, to each other, to more than we knew existed, in an unfettered manner. To limit that is to shackle our ability to discover, to learn and to grow.

I truly hope this turns out to be wrong, or that Google will decide not to go down this path. I hope that The government will regulate ISPs adn stop this from even being an issue. And I hope everyone stands up for Net Neutrality.
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