Apr. 30th, 2010

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Well, it looks like I have a new job. I will be starting as the IT Manager at LeadClick on May 10th. This is awesome and really where I want to be going with my career. There are a bunch of things that made me really look forward to the job there. The technology I will be implementing will be cutting edge without being bleeding edge. They are a fiscally sound and profitable public company. And they have a ping pong table in the lobby! They are close to all my friends at my last job at PlayFirst. There are lots of places to eat and hang out near there. And it is easily BARTable. I was being considered for a couple other positions, but they either paid less or were contract positions with no real benefits.

In some ways it has been nice to have some time off, get some things done around the house, and get my perspective on what I want to do revitalized. There is still plenty to do around the house, but with the days getting longer I think I will still be able to continue the momentum we have developed in getting things done at home.

So, on to the home front. Things have been pretty good despite the financial belt tightening we have had to do. I have gotten a lot of paperwork and bureaucratic stuff taken care of like taxes, financial aid stuff and more. We have also been cleaning up the yard, the garage and the sheds. Dany and Lon have restarted the online book and eBay sales as well, and that has been going quite well too.

I am sure there is a huge backlog of things I will need to deal with once I start the new job. Both for them and when we have some money rolling in. But for now things are looking pretty good.


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