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I am seeing a lot of this meme going around in people I care about feeling overwhelmed, and like they haven't accomlished they things they wanted to and such not. Well, I have to put my two cents out there.

I feel completely 180 degrees the opposite. I have accomplished things I never expected to and done things I only dreamed of. And I have done a few things nobody else has (to my knowledge). I try not to let pride in my accomplishments run away into hubris. I am usually just surprised that I have come this far.

I was pleased when I completed an A.S. degree even though my grades at the time weren't that great. At some point, I realized that I needed more in my life and I completed a Bachelors degree and then a Masters degree. Nobody in my family (birth family) has ever gotten a graduate degree.

When I was working for IBM, I ran a project to integrate several different flavors of *nix into an Active Directory environment. The method we chose so that we could meet IBM's requirements was unique and I have never seen or heard of anyone else doing anything like it. I have also created some amazing scripts for monitoring security settings on Windows domains which even some very well known scripters (with published books on the subject) were impressed by.

I have experienced earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornados, floods, fires, car accidents, personal health crises, and I'm still here going strong. In fact, I think I am just getting better with age. If I can't run as fast, I'm smarter and wiser, and I will chose a better course. I won't last forever, and I dont' want to, but I do want to be a good example to my son.


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