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I just ran one of the most fun RPG sessions I have run in a very long time. I thought I would share and write it down for posterity.

I have been running a Firefly RPG for the last several months. While we use the rules and teh general setting, I have changed some things. Teh player say that it has something of a Farscape feel to it as well.

Without going into too much detail, I had several players leave the game for various reasons. I wanted to bring some new players in and and one of the players was returning after a hiatus. It seemed like a great time to spring some interesting twists on the group.

So, basic plot synopsis. All the characters started on a prison ship, some are innocent and have no understanding of why they are there. The characters are all people who have some sort of connection to the Blue Sun Corporation (the bad guys), though at first they don't realize it. The prison ship is attacked by Reavers (insane mutant space pirates) and they are teh only ones to escape on a life pod. They discover a strange ship, unlike any other in the 'Verse. They get into a lot of trouble, but they do manage to create false identities for themselves.

One of the characters in the group is a B-movie actor, who had managed to bribe his way onto the ship to develop his method acting as a criminal/convict. Since they were all thought dead, and it seemed best to leave it that way, the actor's manager wrote up a script and start solicited it until he got some nibbles. Then money came pouring in from an avid fan who's father happens to be a Blue Sun executive. While the actor watched what was being done to the story of his life, he decided he had to stop the movie. He snuck away from the group and got to where the movie production was just starting. Disguised as a caterer (a scene he had done in a previous vid production), he managed to get into the room where his (ex)-manager was discussing movie details with the avid fan. He spilled hot tea on the manager when she called him by name. She had recognized him, and had one of her bodyguards follow him when he left in a hurry., He slipped into a trailer and got onto a comm system to check her out, and a lot of stuff seemed suspicious. Just as he stepped out of the trailer, she and her bodyguards confronted him. At this time, the rest of the group of escapees caught up to him. Hilarity ensued with her trying to get him to admit he was the (not-so-)famous "Tyger Black" while he tried to tell her in theoretical terms why Tyger might not want to answer, since he was supposed dead and her father was an important executive of the Blue Sun Corporation.

It ended up with them escaping the body guards with the help of another new character who had been tracking their actions indirectly and decided to help out. They were followed by the avid fan, who managed by sheer luck, to lock her body guards out of the shuttle/limo, and get it set on autopilot to follow them. They stopped and decided to talk with her, and decided to would be better/safer to keep her than to have her on the loose.

There is so much more too. The avid fan, whose name is Shanda Lee, (her father is a retired General) recognized another member of the group, a famous Campanion and martial arts competitor, named Orion Sun. The (memory wiped ex-)Operative got recognized as a security type by the bodyguards, but he has so far handled most interactions with people non-violently, and very cleverly. The two hackers, with the help of the avid fan, who remembered one of her father's passwords, have set-up a back-door into a Blue Sun research facility.

So, I got to unleash a stalker fan as a character on the group. I got to bring together a bunch of elements of the plot, and introduce new characters. And much fun was had by all.

Now I just have to figure out how to top that.


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