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This guy Sam has described here what is wrong with 'current' concepts of marriage as a database problem. He uses database schema examples and then describes why they don't work in layman's terms. He discusses sexism, straight/gay and other LGBT issues. And then he talks about poly stuff. Truly amazing. You should definitely read it.
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I am looking to set-up a Wordpress site running on Windows Server 2003. I am planning to use XAMMP and WPmu. I have XAMMP installed and running. I think everything is pretty well configured with XAMMP, but I am having problems getting WP configured and running.

The reason I want to use WPmu is that I actually plan to run several WP sites if I can get this working right.

Naturally, credit will be gladly given for help, and I will be glad to help out on similar projects in return.
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A friend, [ profile] lokipup, shared this link to this nifty new technology called Photosynth from Microsoft. When I was looking it over, I was very impressed. Then last night, I woke in the middle of the night, and I realized what I would use it for. Look at the first link, and then check out this link. In truth, I would want some of the other videos as well, but I think it would be a really cool project.

What would you do?
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Finally, after 2 and a half months, we have DSL again. It has been an amazing series snafus, blunders, miscommunications, techincal failures, and any thing else going wrong that possibly could. Literally.

Our phone line was cut off two weeks early, so that our DSL got cut off early. That was during the move to the new place here, which would almost be reasonable except I called and asked them to delay shutting off service several days before it happened. Since then, Covad, my previous ISP, tried and failed to get us DSL service in the new place, even though they prequalified us. Then it took SBC three visits to get the new phone line for the DSL working. Then they discovered that they didn't have capacity at their remote terminal to supply DSL service to out location, so they had to upgrade their equipment. That took several more weeks, and then also required replacing all the cabling from the CO to the terminal (and I think to out house as well).

Then things get weird. So the order had to go back to Chicago to the head office to get cleared. Then a tech came out and set up the equipment. But it didn't work right, so more of their equipment needed to be replaced and reconfigured, and they wanted to replace the router they sent me. Once they had the hardware all replaced, the order for service had to be removed and reinstituted. This had to be done before a technician could come out to do the final configuration.

So after a week of waiting for the order to clear, they finally get another tech out with the new router. They install the router, verify that the line is up, and leave. I get home from work , try to configure the router to talk to our network, and discover the there is a service outage in our area.

The next day, I verify that the service up, but can't get the router to actually route data into/out of our network. So Saturday morning, with my frustration peaking, I call their tech support, and after several hours on the phone, I go through three levels of tech support (maybe four), and get someone who has a clue about how my new router needs to be configured. And now we have a network again.... mostly.

I wouldn't beleive it if I read it in a story. Truth really is stranger than fiction.


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