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So, we went to go see Pan's Labyrinth this evening. I went with [ profile] purplerabbit, [ profile] uncledark and [ profile] inflectionpoint. I have been hearing and seeing great reviews all over the place about the movie. As great as the reviews are, they don't do it justice. It is a truly great movie, the kind that needs to be watched several times to get the full impact. This is like a truly classic faerie tale, and as such, it has morals and doesn't pull any punches. The characters and the story have depth, impact, and import beyond the story itself. There is so much going on between the faerie tale world and the real world and both make sense.

Two warnings though; the movie is not in English, but does have subtitles. It didn't affect our enjoyment, even [ profile] purplerabbit followed it fine, and she is dyslexic. The other is that the movie is dark and does deals with some issues that could be triggery for some people. There is some pretty explicit violence (it makes sense given the character). There is some other stuff I won't go into which could be even more triggery, though it is not overt.

I will be buying this as soon as it comes out, and I may be going to see it at the theater again which I almost never do. We had a discussion about whether or not it was appropriate for [ profile] fairieboy. I think he could handle it, and would enjoy the movie. I don't think he would get some of the subtext (not subtitles) and implications, but we will talk with him after he sees it to get his opinion and see how he feels.

I would recommend this to all my adult friends and to most kids ages 10 and up.


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