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There just aren't words. This last week has been so busy, so much fun, so social, an yet so relaxing.

First, I love my new job at Playfirst. It is fun, the people are fun, the work is stimulating, and it keeps me busy without being stressful. This week I started taking a yoga class at work (Hatha Yoga for those that are interested). Yeah, the class is during work hours and I am not required to make up the hours, as long as I am keeping up with the work load.

Next, I have been very social this week. I played Beer Pong at work one day this week (details and rules available upon request), and regular ping pong a couple more times. I went to go see the One Man Star Wars Trilogy play in SF on Thursday with a friend (I highly recommend). On Friday I coincidentally met [ profile] ramsjb and his partner and we had lunch together, and then I went to go see The Dandy Warhols at the Mezzanine in SF with [ profile] mikz. And last night was a very nice party where I got to meet a number of new people and make new friends (details NOT available). I need to update my friends list now.

So I am feeling really good except that I am a bit underslept at the moment. I need to spend more time in the yoga class and playing ping pong (a couple of the players at Playfirst are really good and I am out of practice). My outlook has definitely improved and I am feeling so much better about my life. I still have Stuff I need to do, but it seems much more approachable now.


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